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Tryon Creek (2006)

A 10-channel sound installation emerging from the forest on both sides of the Trillium Trail. Along the

initial 250 ft. passage of the Trillium Trail, speakers from hidden locations cast layers of found sounds

interwoven with poetic murmurs and field recordings from around the Red Fox Bridge area in the park.

William Stafford’s poem “Walking with Your Eyes

Shut” inspired the use of poetry in the piece - to

form a dialogue between the visual and audible experience.

Funded by the Friends of Tryon Creek


The Oregonian

Portland Tribune

10 channel sound installation

Project in conjunction with the Natural Cycles Show, Tryon Creek State Park, Portland, Oregon

September 2006 - September 2007

Tryon Creek Project Overview QT 8.4 MBtryoncreek_files/