This 4 channel video arrangement echoes a sound installation, oscillations, that was on display in Cambridge, MA May 14-16.  Oscillations was a temporary, site-specific public intervention utilizing 48 speakers across 3 four story facades of an U-shaped loading dock area.  General Radio Company occupied the building, now known as Building N52 on the MIT campus, from 1924-mid-50’s.  GR had established itself in the emerging field of electronics as a leading manufacturer of instrumentation measurement systems and referencing equipment – oscillation circuits were one of their significant contributions to the technology field.  I responded to this episode in the building’s history utilizing sounds of audible oscillations, pure tonalities based on sine waves that swing back and forth between the building facades.  The sound is provided through 24 independent sound channels that distribute the sound source spatially throughout the loading dock area.

Funded in part by a MIT Council for the Arts Grant

Four channel video and sound

5:00 loop

Location One Gallery, NYC

May 20-27, 2004

oscillations II (2004)