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Northwest Pacific Hovmoller Plots



Eight embroidered Hovmoller plots display chlorophyll-a patterns for different regions of the Northeast Pacific Ocean over the time period of July 2002 - July 2010. Scientists often look at ocean color as a biological process. This is done by making estimates of chlorophyll based upon the amount of energy absorbed at these specific wavelengths. 

In the embroidered graphs, time is plotted on the Y axis and latitude on the X axis (43.5N to the left, 48.5N to the right). Each of the eight data visualization graphs represents one year of data collection (July - December 2002 on the bottom strip and Jan 2009 - December 2009 in the top strip). Chlorophyll-a concentration is indicated by color (see above legend).

These visualizations represent data collected from the NASA SeaWiFs Satellite for an area off the entrance to the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

In collaboration with Miles Logsdon, UW School of Oceanography


Shown at Washington State Convention Center, group exhibition: “Forecast: Communicating Weather and Climate”

January 24 - April 9