My visual and sound artworks are immersive installations that explore the relationships between art and science, translating inaudible or invisible phenomena into sensible experiences. Through this translation I am interested in the mediation of the natural world through data streams and how artworks offer an open-ended approach to how we interface and understand the world around us. In past projects, buildings speak of scientific practice happening within, speakers become small mouths of histories and technological change, embroidery becomes a tangible, visual residue of spatialized sound derived from oceanographic data.

Since 2005 I have been engaged with processes called “sonification” and “visualization” – that is making data patterns audible and visible.  This translation of inaudible or invisible phenomena into sensible experiences interests me as it engages new interactions between scientific research and its extension to the public through art. My process of translating data into sound and visual material is usually conducted in collaboration with a scientist who has designed the data collection.

There is a rich history of artists representing the natural world around them – through landscape painting and photography for example – often capturing the already visible.  In my work I am asking such questions as: Might such processes of sonification and visualization lead to a deeper experience of the natural world, allowing the public to consider a larger environment or context? Or, to appreciate place as an elaborate network of social and environmental activity?

Bodle received her Master’s of Science in Visual Studies from the MIT Visual Arts Program in 2005. Artist residencies and fellowships

include Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center, IBM Watson Collaborative User Experience Group in Cambridge, MA, Fallingwater Immersive Design Residency at the Frank Llyod Wright Fallingwater in Mill Run, PA, and 911 Media Arts Center/Henry Art Gallery in Seattle, WA. Bodle has exhibited widely at venues including the Location One Gallery NYC, the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, MA, Grunwald Gallery at Indiana University, and CoCA Seattle. She is included on the Oregon State, Washington State, Cambridge Arts Council, and City of Seattle Public Art rosters and currently a lecturer in Interdisciplinary Arts and Interactive Media Design at the University of Washington Bothell.


2005        Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Masters of Science in Visual Studies (SMVS), Visual Arts Program

                Thesis Advisors: Krzysztof Wodiczko and Antonio Muntadas

2002        The Ohio State University, Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction, Art and Technology Program

Selected Awards, Honors, Commissions, and Residencies

2018        Immersive Design Residency at Fallingwater

                Washington State Public Art Roster

2017         City of Seattle Public Art Roster

2016        STart Transit (Washington) Public Art Roster

                Grand Prize Jury award, “Giant Steps: Artist Residency on the Moon” exhibition, Seattle, WA

2013        SF Arts Commission Public Artist Pool

2012        Washington State Public Art Roster

                City of Cambridge, MA Bike Rack Design Commission

2011        Oregon Public Art Roster

                City of Seattle Public Art Roster


2010        City of Seattle CityArtist Award

                4Culture Individual Artist Grant

                Nominated for The Brink Award, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA

2009        4Culture Public Art Roster, “Sites”

                4Culture Individual Artist Grant

2008        Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center Fellowship/Residency October 20 - November 20

                Washington State Public Art Roster

                Nominated for The Brink Award, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA


2007        Nominated for Contemporary Northwest Art Award, Portland Art Museum

2006        Henry Art Gallery and 911 Media Arts Center NewWorks artist residency

                Commissioned artist for "Walking/Listening/Recording"  funded by Friends of Tryon Creek State Park, Portland, OR

2005        Awarded project support for MIT thesis project, "Sonification/Listening Up",  by the MIT Office of the Provost, MIT Vice President for

                Research and Associate Provost, MIT Associate Provost for the Arts, MIT Department of Architecture, MIT Visual Arts Program, and the    

                MIT Council for the Arts grant

2004        MIT Council for the Arts grant for "Oscillations"

                IBM Watson Research Center/Boston Cyberarts Residency, Cambridge, MA, artist residency and commission

Selected Exhibitions and Public Artworks

2017        “Science Inspires Art: OCEAN”, NY Hall of Science, New York, NY, September 16, 2017 - February 25 2018, group exhibition organized

                by Art and Science Collaboration (ASCI)

2016        “Giant Steps: Artist Residency on the Moon”, collaboration with Amaranth Borsuk, King Street Station, Seattle, WA, March 3 - March

                28, group exhibition

                “The Untuning of the Sky”, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA, August 18, Collaboration with poet Amaranth Borsuk: Participatory Sound

                Poetry Performance

                “SAM REMIX”, Seattle Art Museum Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle, WA, August 26, Participatory Sound Poetry Performance

2014        “Public Space? Lost & Found”, MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA, April 11 - October 30, group exhibition

2013        “METHODology”, Method Gallery, Seattle, WA, June 21 - August 3, group exhibition

                “Atmospheric Weather”, City of Seattle Muncipal Tower, July 3 - August 13, group exhibition

                “Sine Wave Bike Racks”, permanent public artwork installed at MIT Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA, commissioned by the

                 City of Cambridge Public Art Program

2012        “Wavelines”, Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA), Seattle, WA, May 18 - July 14, solo exhibition

                “Tangible Competitive Intangibles”, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, University of Washington, School of Art, July 24 - August 4, group exhibition

                “SPUN: Artist Designed Bike Racks”, Cambridge Arts Council Gallery, Cambridge, MA, January 26 - March 9, group exhibition

2011        “Waveforms”, Grunwald Gallery of Art, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, October 14 - November 12, 2011, group exhibition

                “Forecast: Communicating Weather and Climate”, Washington State Convention Center, January 24 - April 9, group exhibition


2010        “Waveforms”, Harborview Eye Institute, Seattle, WA, October 28 - December 28

2009        “Sewing Sonifications”, ArtsSparks Westlake Park Public Art Initiative, City of Seattle Parks and Recreation Department, City of Seattle    

                Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, and 4Culture, Seattle, WA, October 10

2007        “Coupling V: Fifth Annual UW Strange Co. Show coupling UW students with Seattle-based artists”, collaboration with student Elizabeth    

                 Buschmann creating wave visualization and sound installation. Ouch My Eye Gallery, Seattle, WA, March 23-31

2006        “Walking/Listening/Recording”, commissioned 10-channel sound installation emerging from a trail in the Tryon Creek State Park. Sound

                 layers form a dialogue between the visual and audible experience. Portland, OR, September 2006 - September 2007

                “The Flattening and Opening of Space”, collaboration with painter Margie Livingston to create a sound and video installation. 911 Media

                 Arts Center, Seattle, WA, September - October

2005        “Sonification / Listening Up”, temporary 35 channel speaker installation across the south facade of I.M. Pei’s Green Building on the MIT

                 campus emitting sounds of the ionosphere, realized in collaboration with MIT Haystack Observatory. Cambridge, MA, September 9 - 16

                “Sonification: In Progress”, 35 channel speaker installation shown in progress. MIT Visual Arts Program Thesis Show, Cambridge, MA,

                 May 13 - 15

                “Wiki Soundscape”, a system of sonic representations of activity on Wikipedia. Boston CyberArts Festival, DeCordova Museum, Lincoln,

                 MA April 5 - 19

                “Sounds from Astereoseismology”, international webcast on radioartemobile: transmissione live, February

2004        “Oscillations”, sound installation on MIT building facade, MIT Visual Arts Program Graduate Show, Cambridge, MA May

                “Oscillations II”, video/sound piece stemming from sound installation, Creative Intelligence: New Work from the MIT Visual Arts

                 Program, Location One Gallery, NYC May

                “Underground•Subterraneo: Under view of the Tijuana-US border”, poster in collaboration with Lissa Martin, Otra/Another Ver 2.04        

                 Academia, San Diego/Tijuana, April

2002        "Boltworks", video/sound site installation in historical bolt factory. Berry Brothers Bolt Works Factory, Columbus, OH, May 16

2001        "Video Performance", video performance piece, Haskett Hall Blackbox, The Ohio State University, visiting artist STELARC’s Art and    

                Technology course, May

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Academic Positions

2010-        Lecturer, University of Washington Bothell, School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences


2006-        Visiting Lecturer, School of Art, University of Washington



2004-        Teaching assistant with Professor Joe Gibbons, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Video Art


Publications and Presentations

2017        Sound Art Program, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Artist Presentation. March 21

2016        Glassbox Gallery, This May Not Work lecturer series, Seattle, WA. Artist Presentation. June 29

2015       Interactive Media Design Program, University of Washington Bothell. Artist Presentation. March 5

2014        MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics Program, University of Washington Bothell, Liveness Symposium. Moderated panel for artist

                Ann Hamilton. September 27

2013        DxARTS 200 Digital Art and New Media Course, University of Washington, Seattle, WA. Artist Presentation. October 31

                Method Gallery, Seattle, WA. Artist Presentation. July 2

                BISIA 319 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Arts Course, University of Washington Bothell, Bothell, WA. Artist Presentation. April 18

                Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA. Faculty-led tour of Now Here is also Nowhere: Part II, April 17

                DxARTS Program, University of Washington, Graduate Studio Class, Seattle, WA. Artist Presentation. April 12

                MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics Program, University of Washington Bothell, Graduate Class. Artist Presentation. February 5

2012        Surrey Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada. Sound Art Conference, Artist Presentation, October 21

                Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA. Our Creative Society: Beyond Art. Creative Thinking in Contemporary Culture Conferences,

                “Art of Science”, Panelist and Artist Presentation, October 6

2011        “Sonification.” in B. LaBelle & C. Martinho, eds. Site of Sound: Of Architecture and the Ear, Vol 2, (Errant Bodies Press, 2011)

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2009        MIT Visual Arts Program, Artist Presentation to Graduate Studios course

2008        Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center Artist Presentation

                Comparative History of Ideas, University of Washington, Artist Presentation to course on Sound and Visual Art

2006        “Sonification/Listening Up.” Leonardo Music Journal. Volume 16, annual. Noises Off: Sound Beyond Music. MIT Press: Cambridge, MA.

                Design Machine Group Lablunch series at the University of Washington School of Architecture. Artist Talk on ‘Transformations as

                Representations: Working with sound applications in architectural environments’. Seattle, WA

                Visual Codec, Selected artist for “One Shot” Publication, Seattle, WA,

2005        School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Sound Art Studio Class, Boston, MA, Artist Presentation

                Presenter at IBM Research Headquarters, Artist Talk concerning sound as representation. Yorktown Heights, NY

Professional Activities

2010-       Reviewer for The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center Fellowship/Residency Program


2013-       Selection committee panelist for the New Foundation, Seattle, WA


2013        Public art panelist at 4Culture

                Panelist for City of Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs

2009        Co-curator with Ingrid Lahti, ArtsSparks Westlake Park Public Art Initiative, City of Seattle Parks and Recreation Department, City of Seattle

                Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, and 4Culture, Seattle, WA, June-October

2007        Communications and Development Director, 911 Media Arts Center, Seattle, WA

2003        Artist Assistant, Ann Hamilton Studios, Columbus, OH, 2000-2003


City of Seattle, Seattle Public Utilities